Supercar Sales

H.S.P offers a bespoke service that allows you to fully spec a performance car of your choice.

A designated member of the design team will work closely with you to create your bespoke vehicle.

Once we’ve sourced your exclusive performance car, the H.S.P team will modify your vehicle with your chosen upgrade, completing them to the highest of standards. Whether that may be an Aerokit, wheel customization, vehicle wrapping or performance modification, we will get it done.

Once your vehicle is ready we will then have it personally delivered to your door.

We stock the following Aero Kits & Exhaust Upgrades.

Aerokits - Nero Design, Vorsteiner, 1016 Industries, DMC,

Turbo Kits - Pure Turbos, TTE The Turbo Engineers,

Exhaust Systems - Ipe Exhaust, Fi Exhaust,

Wheels - Nero Design, Velos Designwerks,

Supercharger Kits - VF Engineering.