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Brand: RKP.

Carbon Fiber Aero Kit - Moto GP Roll Bar / Rear Cage.

For The Years, 2016-Present.
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The RKP M2 concept is in this way an attempt to bridge those worlds. RKP set out to give the M2 some of the features that BMW could not, while not increasing the complexity of the car or deviating from its very clear purpose. RKP’s approach to the M2 would be very clearly inspired by BMW itself: what would BMW choose to do, if the MSRP of the car was not a concern? These are the components that RKP worked to create.

The centerpiece of the RKP M2 is RKP’s own carbon fiber roof. The roof itself is very much a statement of intent for RKP, and was designed to be more than a simple flat carbon roof panel. RKP’s roof was designed to resemble the M4’s unique design, with the lower center channel improving aerodynamics and giving the car an exotic appearance. The M4’s own roof was painstakingly CAD modeled, and subsequently stretched, reshaped, and morphed to fit the M2’s substantially different profile.

The RKP M2 trunk spoiler was a natural consequence of the roof. The spoiler captures the angled surface of the M2’s trunk, and fits securely on that and the flat upper trunk surface for a perfect installation. The strong incline of the spoiler yields an aggressive appearance, and the critically important relief in the center exactly matches the relief in the carbon roof, for a cohesive look.

RKP’s diffuser revises the BMW Performance version by widening the exhaust tip openings, sharpening the character lines, and adding much larger, more pronounced fins, creating a perfect compliment to the diffuser and roof.

Finally, the RKP M2 front lip gives M2 owners an opportunity to share in the excitement of the M4 GTS. Once again, an original BMW GTS lip was carefully modelled in CAD, and then dramatically redesigned to fit the smaller size and different mounting points of the M2. Unlike the BMW GTS front lip kit, the RKP front lip kit is designed for the easiest possible installation, using all original M2 mounting points and a specially designed inside reinforcement that will spread load across the inside of the M2 bumper. The RKP M2 splitter is adjustable, and offers up to 2” of travel, enabling M2 owners to have the splitter fully exposed, fully concealed, or anything in between.

Kit includes:

  • RKP CF rear diffuser
  • RKP CF rear trunk spoiler
  • RKP CF front upper lip spoiler
  • RKP CF lower front lip splitter
  • RKP CF roof panel
Roll Cage:

''BMW has remained consistent in their choice of supplier of vehicle safety systems for over a decade. By working with a single technology partner for all BMW roll bars, BMW has maintained a very high standard of quality and fit that can truly stand up to their own stringent standards.

At IND, we have leveraged our European business contacts to obtain original BMW roll bars for various M cars, from the E92 M3 GTS to GT4 spec bars. Just recently, all of us at IND were excited to receive the first ever F87 M2 roll bar in North America, designed by BMW and utilized in the M2 MotoGP safety car. 

This roll bar is designed to use the most rigid possible chassis mounting points, and has x braces on both the main hoop and the rear tubes for the highest rigidity possible. The main hoop x brace is also gusseted for additional strength. The weld quality, fit, and finish are second to none, and are a perfect fit with the M2.''